Progress ABL 4GL support for Sublime Text 3

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Progress ABL 4GL support for Sublime Text 3

By GabSoftware

If you want to add support for Progress ABL 4GL in Sublime Text, you can use this syntax plugin. A ready-to-install package is located in the dist directory.


  1. Zip the content of the OpenEdge ABL.sublime-package directory (not the directory itself)
  2. Rename the archive to "OpenEdge ABL.sublime-package" (without .zip in the end of the file name)

Installing or modifying

  1. Close Sublime Text if necessary
  2. Locate the data directory of Sublime Text 3 :
    • On Windows, it is located in %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3
    • On Linux, it is located in ~/.config/sublime-text-3
    • On OS X, it is located in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3
  3. In the data directory, place the package OpenEdge ABL.sublime-package in the Installed Packages directory.
  4. In the data directory (but in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Sublime Text 3 in Windows!), delete the Cache/OpenEdge ABL directory
  5. Restart Sublime Text
  6. You may need to open each progress file type (.p, .cls, .i, .w...) and associate them with the new syntax scheme: View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as... > OpenEdge ABL

"Check Syntax" support

It is possible to get the "Check Syntax" feature of OpenEdge working in Sublime Text. To do so, you can use the provided files in the CheckSyntax directory :

  1. Close Sublime Text
  2. Place the syntax.p file in a directory or your choice, for example C:\syntax
  3. Copy the files ABL.sublime-build.example and ABL.sublime-settings and paste them in the data directory, in Packages\User
  4. Rename ABL.sublime-build.example to ABL.sublime-build
  5. Modify ABL.sublime-build to reflect your configuration
  6. Restart Sublime Text
  7. You can now check the syntax of Progress ABL source files by hitting CTRL + B


This product is not supported by Progress.